The new coursebook for the WJEC Welsh medium French GCSE exams.


  • a combination of Welsh and French reading questions, similar to those used in the exam.
  • literary texts and translating to Welsh.
  • a variety of styles of questions for listening exercises.
  • picture cards with practice questions, including role-play tasks and possible conversation topics, to prepare students for the different aspects of the oral examinations.
  • written tasks which have been carefully structured and French translations.
  • grammar boxes which outline key grammar points that the students should know – There are also sections of “grammar in context” with exercises as well as a vocab list and summery of grammar, including verb tables at the back of the book.
  • a useful word list based on the exam specifications.
  • practice exercises which include extra sections for extra language practice or more challenging questions.

Also available: CBAC Ffrangeg – Llyfr Athrawon (teacher’s book) (click here)

Level: GCSE

Authors: Louise Pearce, Bethan McHugh & Chris Whittaker.

Publisher: Crown House

Date: 2017