Draigi™ is the second singing Welsh toy by Si-Lwli which is music to the ears of all Welsh parents and learners throughout the world!

Draigi will keep Wales’ famous anthems alive and well by ensuring that children also love singing them, and know the words. Draigi features the following 4 patriotic Welsh songs:-

  • Hen wlad fy nhadau
  • Sosban Fach
  • Calon Lân
  • Ar Hyd y Nos

You will find 4 colourful buttons on the dragon which will lead you to one of the songs above. Will you work out which button is linked to which song?

This welsh toy has been designed with 0-3 year olds in mind, but there is no age limit to singing and having fun!

Age: 0-3+

Produced by: Si-Lwli Cymru

Also available: Y Seren Swynol (The Magical Star)