A series of six novels for KS2 readers – three on foundation/intermediate level (Teulu Tŷ Bach, Syniadau Slei – Anaddas i Oedolion!, and Y Tocyn Raffl)  and three on higher level for MAT – more able and talented learners (Tŷ Tomi Treorci, Iârgyfwng!, and Project Poli). An activities pack to complement the novels will be available on Hwb – a pack that will be helpful in preparing for national tests.

Choose each book separately or the complete set from the drop-down list below.

Age: 7-11

Authors: Anni Llŷn, Dafydd Llewelyn, Eurig Salisbury, Gwennan Evans, Gwenno Mair Davies, Mari Lovgreen

Publisher: CAA Cymru

Date: 2018